Quay Australia, a leading global eyewear company, announces its next major sunglass campaign with the world’s preeminent power couple—global icon Jennifer Lopez, and Major League Baseball legend and entrepreneur, Alex Rodriguez. Introducing QUAY X Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, a full range of women’s and men’s sunglasses, now available online here.

Quay Australia tapped Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to be the face of the brand’s 360 global marketing campaign—the first major campaign the duo has been featured in together. As part of the year long partnership, the brand also released a namesake collection inspired by the spirit and style of both Lopez and Rodriguez—a QUAY X JLO women’s line and a QUAY X AROD men’s line.

 Jennifer Lopez is the ultimate female force, an inspiration for women who dream of doing it all. She owns and expresses each diverse side of herself—superstar, businesswoman, mother—and that’s exactly what this brand stands for. The ability to put on your best self each day, whatever that means to you.

Jodi Bricker, CEO, Quay Australia

Bricker adds, “Partnering with Jennifer and Alex gives us the ultimate ability to bring that magic to our community. They are both genuine fans of the brand, which is so important to Quay. Individually they are powerful; together they are unstoppable.”


A collection designed to be as powerful as the woman who inspired it, the QUAY X JLO range is comprised of 6 styles with multiple colourways, featuring luxe metal accents, oversized shapes, and flashy lens finishes. The women’s line offers a variety of different shapes and sizes, including a new twist on classic aviators, flirty cat eyes, and statement shields, retailing for $70 AUD each.

 Sunglasses have always been an important part of my wardrobe, I love how easy it is to change my mood by just putting on a pair of sunglasses. Self-expression and confidence are so important to me, and that powerful feeling you get when you put on a great pair of sunglasses is part of that.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has been a longtime fan of the brand— known for their celebrity following and limited-edition collaborations—and has been spotted regularly in Quay sunglasses since 2015.

“Quay Australia has been one of my go-to brands ever since I first discovered them a few years ago,” Lopez elaborates. “I fell in love with them, and I’ve worn them regularly since. When the opportunity to team up was presented, it felt so fitting. Getting to do this with Alex was a big bonus too. He loves sunglasses as much as I do.”

It was really special to be able to shoot in Miami with Jennifer, she was the one who introduced me to Quay Australia. I’ve followed the brand for quite some time and love how they are disrupting the eyewear category. I’ve never had a pair of sunglasses that fit so well and the fact that you can get high quality, polarised sunglasses for $60 AUD is pretty great.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez’s athletic superstardom and effortless fashion make him a seamless representation of the Quay men’s line, alongside Jennifer. The QUAY x AROD collection boasts 5 styles in multiple colourways and features laidback style elements with polarised lenses and premium materials for max durability, retailing for $60-70 AUD each.

Both collections are available now at and retailers worldwide.


- QUAY X JLO RRP: $70 AUD / $60 USD

- QUAY X AROD RRP: $60-70 AUD / $50-$60 USD

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Quay Australia was born roadside on the festival circuit, surrounded by music artists and festival goers who inspired the brand to create notoriously cool, affordable sunnies for the nonconforming and freethinking. From dramatically oversized aviators to reflective lenses and bold cat eyes, Quay Australia has become a favorite for individuals with fearless style, a carefree attitude and fresh perspective.


For over 14 years, Quay Australia has built a #QUAYSQUAD that is loyal, passionate and looks to the brand to make them stand out in the crowd and set the trend for their latest accessories. Seen on countless celebrities and known for limited-edition influencer collaborations, Quay Australia is the go-to accessible brand for millennial men and women that makes them feel like they are part of the in crowd.


Quay Australia utilises a distinctive marketing strategy and omni-channel distribution model to develop, market and sell eyewear in 35 countries, with over 3,000 points of distribution, including 7 company-owned Quay Australia retail shops.

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