An homage to the rugged landscape of the You Yangs, local artists share their diverse interpretations of the distinctive granite peaks

Encompassing Boom Gallery from March 28-April 28, in the gallery's major exhibition of 2019, ten contemporary artists, all with a strong connection to the Geelong region, have been invited to respond to the mountainous landscape of Victoria's You Yangs.

The name 'You Yang' has formed from the Aboriginal words 'Wurdi Youang' or 'Ude Youang' meaning “big mountain in the middle of a plain” or possibly “big or large hill” or even “bald”.

Although only 319 metres at their highest, they dominate the landscape of Geelong and surrounding areas. The You Yangs have always attracted artists to paint them and feature most strongly in works by one of Australia's greatest artists, Fred Williams. Williams spent long periods developing his plein air representations of the You Yangs, and these have now become celebrated and iconic Australian works of art.


The exhibition includes artworks by a diverse assortment of contemporary Australian artists including David BeaumontJordy Kerwick, Shelley McKenzie, Rohan Robinson, Cricket Saleh, Deb Fisher, Andy Pye, Ren Inei, Natalie Anderson and Ingrid Daniell.

"I have been driving back and forth past the You Yangs my whole life, yet I can count the times on one hand that I've actually visited the national park. This being said, the You Yangs have maintained three very distinct feelings for me. First, a sense of mysticism - the large mountainous landscape providing a visual from far but very few answers as to what it is really like. The second being a feeling of joy, as driving past the You Yangs generally meant we were on our way to Anglesea (referencing childhood memories) where my grandparents lived. This evokes feelings of love, freedom and total innocence. The third and final feeling I get is of sadness as it meant that we were going home to reality (which really wasn't that bad at all...)" - Jordy Kerwick

"Already a beloved, if not regular subject in my paintings, the You Yangs are a familiar hunkering presence on the skyline for dwellers and visitors in our region. So familiar perhaps, that we lose the significance and wonder surrounding these ancient granite hills. I drive past them every day, shimmering there in the distance, so for this work I wanted to approach the subject from two opposite and less typical physical vantage points – my aim was to encourage a different view, and in the process, wake up and experience the You Yangs afresh, drawn from two very different experiences of the place." - Natalie Anderson

 "The You Yangs have always captured my heart both from afar, as I have traveled past them too many times to count, and immersed in the bold and magnetic intimacy when walking around the range. The magnetic pull of the dramatic You Yang range; seeped in Deep Time, provided me with the perfect muse and inspiration; continuing my exploration of our earth as a fragile beauty on the verge of a dystopian relic. I am drawn to landscapes that offer a sense of solitude, majesty, mystery, places that feel removed from the chaos of our current day; they offer a sacred experience; of which as humans crave for a sense of belonging and relief."  - Ingrid Daniell


"As curators we look forward to how each artist approaches these ancient granitic outcrops and ultimately respond to them in paint, drawing and photography." - Ren Inei and Kate Jacoby


On Saturday March 30 from 2pm-4pm, Boom Gallery will be hosting an opening event, sponsored by Austins & Co Winery. Be one of the first to view this stunning exhibition over drinks, canapés and conversation.


Appointed as Australia's City of Design by UNESCO in 2017, Geelong, the former industrial city by the bay, is fast-emerging as a major hub for creativity and design. At the heart of this cultural surge is Boom Gallery, a vibrant and active contemporary art and design gallery. Launched by Ren Inei and Kate Jacoby, Boom. exhibits original art and design by local, interstate and international artists, designers and makers. Boom continues to grow and evolve, both physically and conceptually adding to the cultural fibre of Geelong.

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