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For the first time in Australia, there’s an inner-city housing model designed for Home Buyers that A. Doesn’t require a trust fund, B. Doesn’t compromise quality.

Introducing, the Assemble Model – a new pathway to home ownership, allowing residents to agree on the price of their home today, start saving towards their deposit, then experience their home and community before committing to buy.

Launching at 393 Macaulay Rd, Kensington, comprising 73-apartments over eight levels, the Assemble Model offers residents an opportunity to rent an apartment ‘try-before-you-buy’ style for five years, with the option to purchase their home at the end of the lease.

 “By locking in the price today, you are protected from the market running away from you. You have seven years to save towards your deposit and five years to see if your home lives up to your expectations. Get to know your home, your neighbours and community before you decide to buy.” 

Kris Daff, Managing Director, Assemble.

 “Having designed many high-quality apartment projects over the last 17 years, I’ve been frustrated that a lot of my team members can’t afford to buy into the projects they’re working on. I’m excited that the Assemble Model will provide them with the opportunity to do so in a supported and flexible way.” 

Quino Holland, Design Director, Assemble.

“Any increase in the market value of your home, above the agreed price, is to your benefit. It’s about giving people an opportunity to get a foothold in tomorrow’s housing market today.”

Kris Daff, Managing Director, Assemble.

Assemble will adopt a less is more approach to design, where quality is the defining factor. The aim is for the building to improve with age through durable materials, flexible spaces, good access to natural light, cross-flow ventilation, strong connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, high-quality fixtures and fittings, robust energy systems and integrated landscaping. It’s about liveability – setting a clear set of standards that promote a better quality of life.

“What excites me in particular about the Assemble Model is a greater alignment of interest between the developer and resident compared to the off-the-plan approach. We have to deliver high quality buildings that age gracefully and foster a genuine community. Design will be at the forefront of the Assemble Model to create homes that are functional and beautiful and that we’d genuinely want to live in ourselves.”

Quino Holland, Design Director, Assemble.

Demonstrating their commitment to their residents, Assemble will also act as the building manager. No more AWOL agents or lazy landlords managing (or not managing) repairs and maintenance. With the Assemble Model, residents drop into the cafe downstairs and chat with a friendly team member to get any issues resolved.

The Assemble Model includes a range of services and community infrastructure to support its residents and make their lives more convenient, like:

  • Life Admin Services: ticking off the day-to-day chores (e.g. parcel delivery, dry-cleaning, dog walking and apartment cleaning) is only a click or a chat away with Assemble’s in-house team.
  • Financial Coaching: free sessions with Assemble’s financial coach to help with your budgeting and savings plan.
  • Bulk-Buying Initiatives: internet, utilities, farm direct groceries and more.
  • Ground floor Services: occasional care, café and a general store are some of the proposed functions to be run by Assemble.
  • Multi-purpose Workshop: for all the messy jobs you don’t want to do in your home (e.g. fixing your bike, washing your dog or painting furniture).
  • Communal Room: for dining and entertaining, including a BBQ area, stackable furniture and flooring to allow for flexible uses during the day (e.g. kids play and yoga).

 “A tight-knit community doesn’t just grow overnight, but we believe with the right community infrastructure in place – we can support our residents to build strong relationships with their neighbours.”

Abbie Freestone, Head of Community, Assemble.

Assemble has planned a schedule of design presentations and events from September through to the end of the year (to be announced soon) where people can learn more about the Assemble Model and the development at 393 Macaulay Rd, Kensington.

Registrations of Interest are open, and construction is anticipated to commence in February 2019, with residents expected to move in by December 2020.

Those interested in joining the Assemble community and learning more are encouraged to register their interest and attend Assemble’s upcoming design presentations.

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1. URL link for Registrations of Interest: dxd.media/2KWm8a4

2. Schedule of Events will be circulated in August.

3. Interviews and Photo Opportunities are available on request.

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Some of the Assemble Team: Ben Keck, Kris Daff, Abbie Freestone, Quino Holland, Caitlin Shannon, Matt Ablethorpe.

About Assemble

Assemble is dedicated to housing and shaping the culture of living closer together. Assemble’s values and ideas find a voice in their publication, Assemble Papers – an online and biannual print journal across art, design, architecture, urbanism, the environment and financial matters.

About The Assemble Model

Agree on the price of your home today, start saving towards your deposit, and experience your home and community before you commit to buy. Read the step-by-step guide to how it works here.

About 393 Macaulay Rd, Kensington

Assemble’s next project located at 393 Macaulay Rd, Kensington will be the first delivered under the Assemble Model. After consultation with the City of Melbourne, a town planning application has been submitted for a building designed by architecture practice Fieldwork, comprising 73 apartments over eight levels.

At the heart of the design is a landscaped, open-air walkway that will bring cross-flow ventilation and dual aspect natural light to all homes. The entire community will be connected through communal spaces on the upper and ground floors: space for work, eating and leisure, together.

Identified as one of Resilient Melbourne’s Resilient Communities (an initiative of 100 Resilient Cities pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation), 393 Macaulay Rd will encourage greater understanding of how to create more connected communities that are both sustainable and financially viable.

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