Love, Censorship and Volley.

ANYWHERE AW17 Campaign

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They've caused a stir of late thanks to their #GRASSROOTS campaign that continues to be protested vehemently by the Australian Christian Lobby group, and yesterday they were targeted by them again.

In response to yesterday's criticism by the ACL, Volley releases a statement (attached below) and quotes as follows:

Why is the right to love so divisive? Despite the heated debate, we have received beautiful responses from a diverse range of people in support of our brand messaging. Volley strongly supports freedom and love in its entirety. The promotion of self-expression and body empowerment is a concept we feel vital to shaping a healthy society.

John Szwede, Global Brand Manager, Volley.

The argument the ACL put forward in regards to our campaign has no grounds. We have not featured or targeted children or children's products in any of our advertising, and therefore you cannot suggest we are 'sexualising' them in any way. Our new AW17 campaign speaks to the same message of freedom and is the perfect follow-on.

Maria Doubrovski, Marketing Manager, Volley.

Volley continues to stand behind their message of freedom, love and creative expression and will continue to create content supporting these themes. They even supported a Valentine's Day project celebrating love and diversity (see video in footer). And today, they release their new ANYWHERE Campaign.


Volley of course, draw heavily on their tennis heritage, but what you'll notice is the complete elevation of their materials. The collection ties Volley's brand heritage back with a contemporary athletic design and deliver a glimpse into what's in-store for Volley later in 2017. They've re-released Heritage styles from the 1970's and 80's reworking some elements for modern comfort.

We could go on all day about the sneakers, but what Volley want you to know is that they're back, they're cheeky, and they've got a distinctly Australian spirit coursing through their veins.

Dismiss them at your peril.

About Volley's ANYWHERE Campaign AW17:

This campaign sees a young couple escaping convention and eloping before embarking on a coastal adventure. The story encapsulates Volley's values of freedom, love and adventure.

Campaign Credits:

Production: Bang Bang Shooting Club

Art Direction & Theme: Ainsley Hutchence

Videography: Jaen Collective

Production: Bang Bang Shooting Club

Photography: Marisa Taschke

Art Direction and Storyline: Ainsley Hutchence

Volley Heritage International

The original Volley shoe from 1976. The shoe of champions returns in its pure form with the original outsole and extra soft rubber grip and comfort insole padding. Material: Canvas with leather trim.

RRP $49.95

Volley Heritage High Leap

The original Volley from 1982 remastered. Featuring the original rubber outsole, and the original comfortable fit. Material: Canvas.

RRP $69.99

Volley International

The original and the best, the Volley International first came on the scene in 1975 as a tennis shoe and has captivated Australians nationwide ever since. Material: Canvas

RRP $39.99

Volley Grasscourt

Originally designed when tennis was in its prime. The Grasscourt has been updated to feature some of the latest outsole technology making it super-light and extremely comfortable, suitable for men and women. Material: Leather or Suede.

RRP: $119.95


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